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Undergraduate Research & Involvement

Are you an undergraduate student at the University of Cincinnati interested in getting involved with the UC Field Center? Check out recent courses and projects held at the Field Center!
Capstone Projects

Undergraduate Courses

Wild Flowers and Trees of Ohio (BIOL1009C)

TuTh 10:00am-1:30pm, Sat 9:00am-1:00pm;5/06/2024 - 5/26/2024
Description: This field study course, designed for non-science majors, offers students the opportunity to learn about the anatomy of plants, the identification of different types of plants, plant evolution, and about the characteristics of different plant families. Through active learning, students will come to appreciate the natural history of this region. 

Hops and Hemps

5/06/2024 - 5/26/2024
Description: More info coming soon! 

Ornithology (BIOL 3012C)

TuTh 8:00am-1:00pm; 7/1/2024 - 8/03/2024
Description: The scientific study of birds has driven and continues to drive key innovations in biology and conservation. Ornithology (BIOL 3012C), an upper level field course for biology majors, will explore bird biology with detailed lectures and interactive field labs. Lectures will focus on avian morphology, physiology, evolution, systematics, ecology and conservation. Field labs will provide students with practical knowledge of the local avifauna and will focus on relevant methods used in modern ornithology. During lab, students will identify local birds by sight and sound, classify birds to order level using prepared study skins, conduct mark-recapture studies of wild birds, estimate population size of birds, and assess habitat quality.
Yellow and gray bird with trees in the background

Environmental Field Techniques (BIOL 3011C)

TuTh 9:00am-1:00pm; 5/28/2024 - 6/30/2024
Description: This course focuses on ecological research techniques with the goal of providing students a hands-on experience in planning and conducting scientific research using modern and traditional methods in a natural, field-based setting. Students conduct studies on plant and animal systems and gain experience in developing hypotheses, designing field experiments and analyzing results. Students will develop, conduct and analyze the results of a small group project. This course meets at the UC Field Center (Miami Whitewater Forest).
Three students working in a green and yellow field

Environmental Studies Capstone (EVST 5011/5012)

5/06/2024 - 8/03/2024
Description: An experiential, service-learning course where students work in interdisciplinary teams to address a specific local issue or project. This requires the application and integration of principles from the various fields that contribute to modern environmental problem-solving. In addition to the service component of this class, students will followup on the professional development aspects of their training that were initiated in the earlier course, Environmental Research and Careers.
Yellow flowers in a green field

Biology Capstone (BIOL 5050)

5/06/2024 - 8/03/2024
Description: This course is designed to be taken in conjunction with another activity through which the student will be able to demonstrate the core competencies of the general education program of the university. These activities may include undergraduate research, appropriate activities within designated capstone courses,or field experiences in biology (by permission).
Mossy pond surrounded by large green trees

UC Field Center Internship 

5/06/2024 - 8/03/2024
Description:  Current undergraduate or graduate students with some experience (class-based or project-based) in the areas described below are encouraged to apply: 
1. Field identification of stream life, insects, prairie plants or invasive species. Experience with field work and species identification is preferred.
2. Environmental communication. Those with knowledge of natural processes, local environmental partners, local history and some experience with writing, social media, multi-media or website integration are preferred.

Contact us for more information about the UC Field Center Internship.
UC Center for Field Studies entrance
Interested in taking a non-credited course at the Field Center?  Let us know by filling out our contact form! 

Featured Projects

Researchers:  Anna Gooding*, Kristin Elchynski, Adam Jeffers, and A’Daja Norman
Ailanthus Herbaceous capstone poster
Researchers:  Anna Gooding*, Kristin Elchynski, Adam Jeffers, and A’Daja Norman
Ailanthus Honeysuckle capstone poster
Researchers:  Evelyn Perry, Izzy Leisgang, and Kenneth Petren
eDNA in Fish capstone poster
Researchers:  Iris Pratt, David A. Leicht and Madison C. Hartman  
Mammal habitats capstone poster
Researchers:  Dwijen Shah and Martin Werner
iNaturalist capstone poster
Researchers:  Madison C. Hartman, David A. Leicht and Iris Pratt
Cincinnati Parks capstone poster
Researchers:  Hannah Binzer and Jen Vasconcellos
Biochar Honeysuckle Capstone Poster
Researchers:  Brendan Gilbert and Megan Heeke
Honeysuckle Removal capstone poster
Researchers:  Allison Leone, Sarah Shamray, and Luke Zoeller
Wetland Percolation capstone poster

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