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Club and Student Open House Recap

A few weeks ago, we held our very first Fall Club Open House. UC students and organizations were invited to learn more about the space, our mission to help students, and a refreshing day outdoors. The Field Center not only allows students to become closer to the natural world, but is a wonderful tool to empower students, from a variety of disciplines, to pursue projects, ideas, and new experiences. We offered transportation to and from main campus, lunch, a tour of our space, information about our current projects and collaborations, and a scavenger hunt. This was also a great opportunity to receive useful feedback of student interest and how we can better provide for student's involvement.

During this event, students were able to connect with the nature around them and experience ecosystems they may not often encounter. We hosted a center-wide scavenger hunt as an opportunity to give students a chance to explore our space, and a chance to win Field Center t-shirts. During the hunt, there were sightings of a muskrat and a solitary sandpiper at the Knollman North pond, and pumpkins found growing along the bank of Howards Creek.

Congratulations to the ornithology team representatives for winning the scavenger hunt!

Scroll through our slideshow to see some highlights from the event!


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