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Summer 2024 Interns

Field Center Interns work with partner organizations to assess conservation and restoration projects. They also engage in projects to provide opportunities for the public to see conservation and restoration in action.

This summer the field center has taken on its largest team of interns yet! The intern program is divided into two different groups, our field team and our communications team. The field team consists of six individuals from the Biology and Environmental studies departments: Adam Jeffers, Austin Cole, Emme Thomas, Madelyn Parke, Maggie Schardein, and Jenn Breiner. The Communications team consists of English department majors , Michelle Robinson and Natalia Lui.

The field team works hard with identifying prairie plants for various species distribution projects, honeysuckle removal, while also partnering with Great Parks to assess stream life in Dry Run creek, flowing throughout an abandoned golf course targeted for restoration restoration.

The Communications team greatly assists in content creation for our social media and newsletter, while also continuing to develop our website. This summer, the communications team is working on a special project to bring informational, mounted, signage to the field center grounds. These new signs will be featured at our Discovery event on August 3rd! The field center greatly appreciates the interns hard work and dedication!


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